Elitserien Damer 2022/23

04 / december 2022
3-2 win against Linköping

3-2 win against Linköping!

Yesterday saw 3rd place Göteborg face off versus 4th place Linköping. As the ranking suggest, it was an intense and fun match!
The first set started off with Linköping taking the lead early on. Göteborg struggled a bit with serve and reception, and therefore couldn’t get any flow in the game. By the end of the set, Göteborg started to pick things up, but Linköping’s lead was too much to overcome, and the visitors took the first set 18-25.

The second set was a fresh start. Göteborg got their game going right from the beginning, but Linköping didn’t yield. It was an even set, with both teams making good plays. However, Göteborg was able to pull it out in the end, winning 25-23.

The third set was the craziest one yet. The serving pressure from Göteborg was unrelenting. Linköping made some substations after a rocky start, but they couldn’t find their way back into the set, which ended 25-5 to Göteborg.

As expected, Linköping came back much stronger in the fourth set. Despite an early Göteborg lead, Linköping was able to take control of the set through several good serving rallies and a revived offense. They won the set 16-25.

Göteborg went into the 5th set with excitement and energy. Although both teams made some great plays, Göteborg held tight to the lead, ending the set 15-13, and taking the match after a great fight.

Now it’s time to rest up and focus on the away match in Engelholm next week!